Pursuing Advanced MN Assessor Licenses - Form Report & Case Study Exam, and Demonstration Narrative Report Resources

The State Board of Assessors is the authority for granting  Minnesota assessor's license.  For specific licensing requirements, please refer to the MN State Board of Assessor's website.  MAAO provides the following resources to assist and support assessors in achieving advanced MN Assessor's licenses.  


Demonstration Form Appraisal Report GUIDE - (rev. May 2018) Latest Form Report Workshop Materials and Sample Form Report

Form Report Template (Word) – (rev. May 2018) Optional template with standardized structure to complete the report.


Preparing for the MN Residential Case Study Exam MATERIALS (rev. May 2019) Can assist a candidate in preparing for Residential Case Study Exam.

Preparing for the MN Income Case Study Exam MATERIALS (rev. Sept 2018) Can assist a candidate in preparing for Income Case Study Exam.

Demonstration Narrative Report resources

Sample Demonstration Narrative Report 1.pdf

Sample Demonstration Narrative Report 2.pdf  

MN State Board of Assessors Resources

Form Report Checklist - Use this checklist to ensure your form report is complete and has the required elements before you submit it for grading.

Form Report FAQs – Explains the difference between the Residential Form Appraisal Report and the Demonstration Narrative Appraisal Report, and provides information about submitting a narrative appraisal report that you prepared and testified to in Tax Court.

Form Report Graders – Lists the Minnesota licensed assessors who grade Residential Form Appraisal Reports.

IAAO Guide to Real Property Demonstration Appraisal Report Writing - The "Guide" provides a step-by-step outline of the procedures and regulations that must be followed in writing demonstration narrative report and is used by the graders as an outline for the grading of reports.  A report grading sheet is included in the appendices of this "Guide."

Understanding the Demonstration Narrative Report Requirements - This document is intended as supplemental material to the "Guide."  It contains additional information that will aid the writer in the successful completion of a demonstration narrative report.