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Agricultural Committee 

Doug Bruns, Renville County, Chair 

Ron Vikre, Fillmore County (I) 

Sue Schulz, McLeod County, (II)

Mark Koehn, Stearns County (III)

Mike Dangers, Aitkin County (IV)

Joyce Schmidt, Pipestone County (V)

Doug Bruns, Renville County (VI)

Karl Lindquist, Grant County (VII)

Mark Landsverk, Polk County (VIII)

Mark Vagts, DOR


Editorial Board

Jason Jorgensen, Meeker County,


Lori Thingvold, Wright County,

Managing Editor

Jason Jorgensen, Meeker County,

Associate Editor

Mike Bjork, Washington County

Nancy Gunderson, Clay County

Jamie Freeman, Clearwater County

Laura Odgren, Martin County

Jake Pidde, Stearns County

Amber Swenson-Hill, Polk County



Education Steering Committee

Dan Whitman, Martin County, Chair

Cheryl Wall, Wilkin County

Tim Mitchell, City of Maple Grove


Curriculum and Assessor Standards


Jessi Glancey, Department of


Sherri Kitchenmaster, Lyon County

Ben Bedard,  Olmstead County

Alyssa Browne, City of Minneapolis

Gary Amundson, DOR/State Board of


Chris Link, St. Louis County


Assessor Development

Patrick Chapman , Ramsey

County, Co-Chair

Amy Rausch, DOR, Co-Chair

Ryan Short, Blue Earth County

Tim Graul, Ramsey County

Ali Fox, Dakota County

A Thor, City of Minnetonka

Dave Parsons, City of Marshall


Information Systems Committee

Matt Gersemehl, City of

Bloomington, Chair

Paul Sandvik, Hennepin County,


Jane Grossinger, City of St. Michael

Sam Melbye, Polk County

Dan Blonigen, Bloomington

Ryan Short, Blue Earth County (Liaison)

Amy Rausch, DOR, (Liaison)

Brian Kieser, City of Minneapolis,


Laura Fridgen, Ramsey County, (Liaison)

Randy Lahr, Stearns County, (Liaison)

Region 1 Liaison - Open

Region 2 Liaison - Kelly Raddatz

Region 3 Liaison - Shelly Maloney

Region 4 Liaison - Donna House & Mike


Region 5 Liaison - Sherri Kitchenmaster

Region 6 Liaison - Sandy Vold

Region 7 Liaison - Nancy Gunderson

Region 8 Liaison - Annalee Jones

Region 9 Liaison - Open


Nominating and Procedures


Michelle Snobl, Wilkin County , Chair

Lorna Sandvick, City of Marshall

Regina Buchanan, Ramsey County


Rules and Resolutions

Marv Anderson, Brooklyn Park, Chair

Kyle Holmes, 2nd-VP, Carlton County

Jamie Freeman, Clearwater County


Legislative Committee

Mark Peterson, Cass County  Chair

Mark Krupski, Olmsted County (I) 

Dan Whitman, Martin County (II)

Dave Vigdal, Mille Lacs County (III)

Corey Leinwander, Itasca County (IV)

Tom Houselog, Rock County (V)

Connie Erickson, Yellow Medicine County


Reed Heidelberger, City of Alexandria


Joe Skerik, Beltrami County (VIII)

Patrick Todd, City of Minneapolis (IX)

Jim Atchison, Hennepin County (IX)

Ricardo Perez, Ramsey County (IX)


Strategic Planning and Research

Nancy Wojcik, City of Minneapolis -


Kyle Holmes, Carlton County, President

Marvin Anderson, City of Brooklyn Park, Past President

Dan Whitman, Martin County, Past


John Keefe, Chisago County, Past


Stephen Baker, Ramsey County, Past


Bob Wilson, City of Edina, Past President

Kim Jensen, Hennepin County

Bill Effertz, Steele County, Past President

Tom Houselog, Rock County, Past


Tom May, Hennepin Retired, Past


Stephen Behrenbrinker, St Cloud, Past



Sales Ratio Committee

Dell Sanko, City of Minneapolis,


Michael Thompson, Scott County

John Keefe, Chisago County,

Paul Sandvik, Hennepin


Stephen Baker, Ramsey County

Mike Sheplee, Martin County

Penny Vikre, Cass County

Jim Swenson, City of Minneapolis

Julie Hackman, Olmsted County

Jason McCaslin, Jackson County

Tim Bulger, Hennepin County

Dave Sipila, St. Louis County

Alex Guggenberger, Anoka County

Laura Aamodt, Washington County

Tom Reineke, Ramsey County

Gretchen Buechler, DOR

Taylor Forsyth, DOR

Gary Amundson, DOR


Education Committee - Conference


Chair - Open

Greg Schmitt, Olmsted County, (I)

Deb Eversman, Martin County, (II)

Conrad Anderson, (III)

Amber Peratalo, Itasca County, (IV)

Sherri Kitchenmaster, Lyon County, (V)

Mike Wacker, Pope County (VI)

Lee Brekke, Wadena County, (VII)

Jamie Freeman, Clearwater County,


Mary Wells (VIIII)

Janelle Distrud, City of Maple Grove

Sherri Kitchenmaster, Department of


Dave Armstrong, Retired

Tina Dietrich Von Eschen, Stearns


Bob Wilson, City of Edina

Brian Koester, Board of Assessors

Paul Knutson, Conference Coordinator

TBA, Asst Conf. Coord.

Scholarship Committee

Kelly Schroeder, Pine County, Chair

Jonathon Crowe, Olmstead County

Carrie Borgheiinck, Scott County


Finance Committee

William Effertz, Steele County, Finance Officer

Kyle Holmes, President, Carlton County

Patrick Todd, 1st V.P. City of Minneapolis

Michelle Moen, 2nd V.P. Isanti County

Nancy Wojcik, Past President, City of Minneapolis

Daryl Moeller, Ad Hoc Member, Chicago County

Reed Heidelberger, Treasurer, City of Alexandria

Jackie Coulter, MAAO Education Coordinator


GIS Committee

Randy Lahr, Stearns County, Chair

John Jacobson, Ramsey County, Vice Chair

Tyler Diersen, Steele County

Matt Sapola, Olmstead County

Lisa Janssen, Washington County

Kelly Whitted, Itasca County

Kristina Botzek, Sherburne County

Jane Grossinger, City of St. Michael

Marcus Yager, City of Maple Grove

Karl Lindquist, Grant County

Josh Schoen, Rice County

Mike Sheplee, Martin County


Residential Committee

Daryl Moeller, Chisago County, Chair

John Conway, Winona County, (I)

Michele Wills, Nicollet County, (II)

Daryl Moeller, Chisago County, (III)

Greg Swartwoudt, Lake County, (IV)

Chris McChesney, Pipestone County, (V)

Bonnie Crosby, Chippewa County, (VI)

Kevin Scheidecker, Otmtertail County, (VII)

Joe Skerik, Beltrami County, (VIII)

Jen Blumers, City of Bloomington, (IX)

Saray Garnett-Hochuli, City of Minneapolis (IX)

Brian Messer - City of Minneapolis (IX)


Silent Auction Committee

Jane Grossinger, City of St. Michael, Chair 

Tax Court Committee
Ann Miller, Washington County, Co-Chair
Shelagh Storezinger, City of Edina, Co-Chair
Chase Peloquin, Chisago County, Region 3                           Tony Rasmuson, Wright County, Region 3
Terry Johnson, St. Louis County, Region 4   
David Parsons, City of Marshall, Region 5
Michael Wacker, Pope County, Region 6
Peter Doll, City of Moorehead, Region 7                                  Joe Skerik, Beltrami County, Region 8
Terence Chacka, Scott County, Region 9
Matt Gersemehl, City of Bloomington, Region 9
Brian Kieser, City of Minneapolis, Region 9

CIA Valuations Committee
Brian Kieser, City of Minneapolis, Chair
Robin Swanson, Washington County
Bob Ehler, Vanguard Appraisals
Tom Reineke, Ramsey County
Josh Johnson, Olmsted County
Joe Mako, Hennepin County
Jake Pidde, Stearns County
Chase Peloquin, Chisago County
Benjamin Thomas, St. Louis
Dustin Hinrichs, Dakota County 

Site Selection

Lisa Clarke, Chair

Luis Rosario, Ramsey County

Paul Knutson, Rice County, Conference Coordinator

Jessie Jurek, City of Minneapolis


Membership Coordinator

Rebecca Malmquist, City of Minneapolis



Reed Heidelberger, City of Alexandria



Penny Vikre, Cass County

Conference Coordinator

Paul Knutson, Rice County 

Assistant Conference Coordinator
Tami Paulson, Olmsted County

Summer Seminar Coordinator
Kim Jensen, Hennepin County

IAAO State Representatives
Rebecca Malmquist, City of Minneapolis
Kyle Holmes, Carlton County 
NCRAAO Representatives
Stephen Baker, Ramsey County
Bill Effertz, Steele County
Tom May, Secretary, Past President

IAAO PDA Representatives

Teresa Mitchell, Dakota County