Strategic Plan
(Adopted August 26, 2008)

MAAO Mission Statement

The mission of the Minnesota Association of Assessing Officers (MAAO) is to provide education and information to promote excellence in property appraisal and assessment administration through professional development with the highest ethical standards.

MAAO Position Statement for 2021 Legislative Session

MAAO Vision Statement
MAAO will be the statewide recognized leader and source for education and information for mass appraisal and property tax administration and promote high ethical standards.

Goal #1
     Ensure that the organization continually recognizes the needs of its members and other stakeholders in property tax administration.
Strategy #1 - Establish feedback mechanisms from the membership.
Strategy #2 - Involve members from throughout the state at all levels of the association.
Strategy #3 - Recognize the accomplishments and contributions of the membership.

Goal #2
     To be the statewide leader of providing assessment education and professional development programs for assessors.

Strategy #1 - Improve and expand our education programs at all levels.
Strategy #2 - Maintain reasonable costs for programs.
Strategy #3 - Continue a strong connection with the International Association of Assessing Officers.
Strategy #4 - Promote the professional development of all members.

Goal #3
     To be the statewide recognized source for assessment information to assure the fair administration of the property tax system.

Strategy #1 - Maintain working relationships with the Department of Revenue staff, the Minnesota Board of Assessors, the Minnesota Legislature and its staff, appraisal and tax administration organizations, government agencies and other stakeholders.
Strategy #2 - Develop and maintain a membership resource center.
Strategy #3 - Disseminate information via “Equal Eyes” and the MAAO website.

Goal #4
     Promote and instill the highest ethical and professional standards in our members.

Strategy #1 - Promote awareness of ethical standards and practices adopted by the Minnesota Board of Assessors and the International Association of Assessing Officers.
Strategy #2 - Provide continuing education and training related to ethical standards and practice.

Goal #5
    Increase association membership and involvement while managing an active association.

Strategy #1 - Increase membership and member retention through increased benefits and actively responding to member’s needs.
Strategy #2 - Achieve fiscal responsibility by maintaining reasonable membership dues and fees, a balanced association budget and a reasonable fund reserve.
Strategy #3 - Maintain an active recruitment and membership retention plan and seek involvement of all members.