MAAO Committee Members

Agricultural Committee

Mark Koehn, Stearns County (III), Chair

Keith Kern, Carver County (IX), Vice Chair

Brian Hoff, Fillmore County (I)

Sue Schultz, McLeod County (II)

Mike Dangers, Aitkin County (IV)

Joyce Schmidt, Pipestone County (V)

Connie Erickson, Yellow Medicine County (VI)

Karl Lindquist, Grant County (VII)

Mark Landsverk, Polk County (VIII)

Mark Vagts, DOR


Curriculum and Assessor Standards Committee

Jessi Glancey, DOR, Co-chair

Ben Bedard, Olmsted County (I), Co-Chair

Krista Thoe, Sherburne County (III)

Gary Amundson, DOR/State Board of Assessors

Gertrude Paschke, Faribault County (II)

Annalee Jones, Polk County (VIII)

Emily Nelson, Meeker County (VI)

Sherri Kitchenmaster, DOR


Conference Content Committee

Jean Popp, Morrison County (III), Chair

Region 1: Greg Schmitt

Region 2: Michele Wills

Region 3: Conrad Anderson

Region 4: Amber Peratalo

Region 5: Jean Nelson

Region 6: Joe Tschida

Region 7: Brian Folden

Region 8: Jamie Freeman

Region 9: Mary Wells

Region 9: Alison Fox

Department of Revenue: Kristine Moody

Education Coordinator: Emily Squyres

Conference Coordinator: Paul Knutson

Assistant Conference Coordinator: Dawn Klein

Education Steering Committee: Mike Wacker


Conference Coordination

Paul Knutson, Rice County (I), Head

Dawn Klein, Dakota County (IX), Assistant


CIA Valuations Committee

Daniel Blonigen, City of Bloomington (IX), Chair

Brian Kieser, City of Minneapolis (IX), Vice Chair

Robin Nelson, Washington County (IX)

Joe Mako, Dakota County (IX)

Jake Pidde, Stearns County (III)                         

Chris Halden, Ramsey County (IX)         

Benjamin Thomas, St. Louis County (IV)

Dustin Hinrichs, Dakota County (IX)

Elisha Long, Isanti County (III)

Duane Scheurer, Maple Grove (IX)


Designation Committee

Pat Chapman, Ramsey County (IX), Chair


Editorial Board

Jason Jorgensen, Wadena County (VII), Associate Editor/Chair

Lori Thingvold, Wright County (III), Editor 

Mike Bjork, Washington County (IX)

Laura Odgren, Martin County (II)

Nancy Gunderson, Clay County (VII)

Jamie Freeman, Clearwater County (VIII)

Jake Pidde, Stearns County (III)

Amber Hill, Polk County (VIII)

Melissa Manke, Wright County (III)


Education Steering Committee

Mike Wacker, Pope County (VI) Chair

Tim Mitchell, City of Maple Grove (IX)

Michelle Moen, Sherburne Country (III)


Finance Committee

Kyle Holmes, Carlton County (IX), Finance Officer

Michelle Moen, Sherburne Country (III), Past President 

Daryl Moeller, Chisago County (III), President

Patrick Chapman, Ramsey County (IX) 1st Vice President

Joe Udermann, Waseca County (I) 2nd Vice President

Reed Heidelberger, City of Alexandria (VII), Treasurer

Lori Schwendemann, Lac Qui Parle County (VI), Ad Hoc Member


GIS Committee

Randy Lahr, Stearns County, Chair (III)

Lisa Young, City of St. Cloud, Co-Secretary (IX)

Markus Yager, City of Maple Grove, Co-Secretary (IX)

Jane Grossinger, City of St. Michael (III)

Matt Sapola, Olmsted County (I)

Josh Schoen, Rice County (I)

Jonathan Graves, Blue Earth County (II)

Lee Brekke, Wadena County (VII)

Jeff Bjerk, Mahnomen County (VIII)

Aaron Thielen, Ramsey County (IX)


IAAO State Representative

Kyle Holmes, Carlton County (IV)

Rebecca Malmquist, City of Minneapolis (IX)

Alyssa Browne, City of Minneapolis (IX)


Information Systems Committee

Michael Neimeyer, Dakota County, Chair/Website

Shannon Sailer, Dakota County, Hardware/Software

Jennifer Koskela, Kittson County, Social Media

Paul Sandvik, Hennepin County, Website Maintenance/Updates

Committee Liaisons

Agriculture - Keith Kern, Carver County

CIA Valuations - Brian Kieser, City of Minneapolis

Curriculum and Assessor Standards - Jessi Glancey, DOR

Editorial - Lori Thingvold, Wright County and Jason Jorgensen, Wadena County

GIS - Kristi Botzeck, Sherburne County and Lisa Janssen, City of St. Cloud

Residential - Jill Murray, Norman County

Scholarship - Carrie Borghiiink, Hennepin County and Laura Hacker, Sibley County

Tax Court - Ann Miller, Washington County and Shelagh Stoerzinger, City of Edina

Region Liaisons

Region I - Tyler Diersen, Steele County

Region II - Gina Sievert, Sibley County

Region III - Shelly Maloney, Sherburne County 

Region IV - Mike Dangers, Aitkin County 

Region V - Chris McChesney, Pipestone County and Lisa Braun, Pipestone County

Region VI - Sandy Vold, Big Stone County 

Region VII - Nancy Gunderson, Clay County 

Region VIII - Annalee Jones, Polk County 

Region IX - Todd Angus, City of Bloomington and Dan Blonigen, City of Bloomington


Legislative Committee

Mark Peterson, Cass County (IV), Chair

Mark Krupski, Olmsted County (I)

Mike Sheplee, Martin County (II)

Jeff Johnson, Stearns County (III)

Robert Thompson, Cook County (IV)

Chris Baumberger, Murray County (V)

Sandy Vold, Big Stone County (VI)

Nancy Gunderson, Clay County (VII)

Joe Skerik, Beltrami County (VIII)

Joshua Hoogland, Hennepin County (IX)

James Atchison, Hennepin County (IX)

Kent Smith, City of Bloomington (IX)

Matt Hilgart, AMC, Legislative Liaison


Membership Coordinator

Rebecca Malmquist, City of Minneapolis (IX)


Nominating and Procedures Committee

Lena Schaefer Dakota County (IX), Chair

Jen Blummers – City of Bloomington (IX)

Regina Buchanan, Ramsey County (IX)


Residential Committee

John Conway, Winona County (I), Chair

Jill Murray, Norman County (VIII)

Davide Selbitschka, Sherburne County (III)

Rachel Espe, Cook County (IV)

Dan Squyres, Washington County (IX)

Chris McChesney, Pipestone County (V)

Bonnie Crosby, Chippewa County (VI)

Kevin Scheidecker, Ottertail County (VII)

Jen Blumers, City of Bloomington (IX)

Brian Messer, City of Minneapolis (IX)


Rules and Resolutions

Joe Udermann, Waseca County (I)

Ryan DeCook, Dodge County (I)

Brice Nelson, Wright County (III)


Sales Ratio Committee

Alex Guggenberger, Anoka County (IX), Co-Chair

John Keefe, Chicago County (III)

Julie Hackman, Olmsted County (I)

Penny Vikre, Cass County (IV)

Dave Sipila, St. Louis County (IV)

Jason McCaslin, Jackson County (V)

Jill Murray, Norman County (VIII)

Jim Swenson, City of Minneapolis (IX)

Tim Bulger, Hennepin County (IX)

Laura Aamodt, Washington County (IX)

Tom Reineke, Ramsey County (IX)

Michael Thompson, Scott County (IX)

Paul Sandvik, Hennepin County (IX)

Taylor Forsyth, DOR 

Gary Amundson, DOR


Scholarship Committee

Michele Gelo, City of Alexandria, Chair

Jon Crowe, City of Edina (IX)

Laura Hacker, Sibley County (II)

Shayne Bender, Le Sueur County (II)



Penny Vikre, Cass County (IV)


Site Selection 

Lisa Clarke, City of St. Louis Park (IX), Chair

Luis Rosario, Ramsey County (IX)

Paul Knutson, Rice County (I)

Jessie Jurek, City of Minneapolis (IX)


Strategic Planning and Research

Daryl Moeller, Chisago County (III), President

Patrick Todd, City of Minneapolis (IX), Past President 

Michelle Moen, Sherburne County (III), Chair

Kyle Holmes, Carlton County (IV), Past President


Tax Court Committee

Brett Hall, Hennepin County, (IX), Chair

Thomas Reineke, Olmsted County, (I)

Ryan Short, Blue Earth County (II)

Mike Harvey, Benton County (III)

Robert Thompson (temporary), Cook County (IV)

David Parsons, City of Marshall (V)

Michael Wacker, Pop County (VI)

Nathan Aakre, City of Moorhead (VII)

Joe Skerik, Beltrami County (VIII)

Jon Parker, Ramsey County (IX)

Shelagh Stoerzinger, City of Edina (IX)

Ann Miller, Washington County (IX)

Brian Kieser, City of Minneapolis (IX)



Reed Heidelberger, City of Alexandria (VII)



Troy Halter, Ramsey County (IX), Chair

Ali Fox, Ramsey County (IX)

Laura Odgren, Martin County (II)

Brice Nelson, Wright County (III)

Amber Swenson-Hill, Polk County (VIII)

Alyssa Gustafson, Kittson County (VIII)